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Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Thapathali campus introduced Bachelor in Civil Engineering under the Department of Civil Engineering in 2066 B.S. This bachelor program was a program of up-gradation which was introduced by phasing out diploma in civil engineering (morning shift). The number of intakes was 24 regulars and 72 full fees. Later on, in 2069 B.S. campus added same number of seats in both regulars and full fees by again eliminating diploma in civil engineering (day shift) . This program aims to provide theories and practical knowledge of existing technologies and methodologies in different fields of civil engineering like structure, water resources, transportation, water supply and sanitation, geo-tech etc. around the globe. The graduates in bachelor in civil engineering are expected to serve in construction and engineering service sector of Nepal and contribute in development of infrastructures of the country. The first batch in bachelor in civil engineering has been recently graduated from Thapathali campus.

Bachelor in civil engineering is running satisfactorily. The department of civil engineering is well equipped with competent and energetic faculty members, laboratories and workshops.

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